Changemakers Programme

Mr. Praveen Khandelwal

National Secretary General of CAIT and CEO of Fairdeal Group.

Q1. In addition to being a representative for the world’s largest trading organisation, what motivates you to drive the changes in the practices of the members?

A1. The Indian domestic trade is being driven in a traditional manner irrespective of global changes in business pattern. To enable the Indian traders to compete at global level, upgradation and modernisation of existing format of trade is required. Therefore, to make traders aware of the developments and to enable them to accept and adopt the changes, the CAIT is being driven to launch various campaigns to educate and bring awareness to 70 million small businesses. Being the largest small business eco-system across the globe, the task is difficult but we have been successful in bringing positive change.

Q2. What are the initiatives that you have undertaken?

A2. We have launched various campaigns nationwide which include: easy access to loans, where we have partnered with CreditEnable, adoption and acceptance of digital payments, providing consultation services to traders for conducting their business smoothly, helping them in upgrading and modernising their business format, inculcating the need to adopt e-commerce as an additional business arm to generate more revenue, advocating strongly simplification and rationalisation of tax structure, driving out benefits and policies for the business community from the Government.

Q3. Which areas do you see change happening and where do you see challenges?

A3. With the change at a global level, consequent changes are happening in domestic trade of India as well. Now the businessmen are more aware and understand why changes are necessary to survive and grow and therefore are more eager to adopt the changes. Increasing revenue for the Government and increase in consolidated annual turnover of retail trade demonstrates that positive change is happening. However, taking into consideration the wide range of Indian business, there is a lot of ground still to be covered.